This is the 'original' permanent cosmetic procedure that has been around since the beginning of permanent cosmetics.  We measure where your eyebrow is to begin and end and where the top of your arch is supposed to be, and within those measurements, we follow your natural eyebrow shape and draw on your brow with a pencil.  We then give you a mirror for your to approve or disapprove the shape.  We work with you on the shape of your brows because YOU are the one looking in the mirror everyday and YOU are the one that needs to be happy! After you have approved the shape, together we will choose the correct color for your brows.  This is done by placing several colors on your forehead with a toothpick.  Again we give you the mirror and together we pick the perfect color for you.  Our goal is to make you happy and confident with your restored brows.  We also encourage you to bring an old photo if you like to help us restore the shape you once had. 


3D Hair stroke eyeBrows $325

3D Hair stroke Eyebrows are your answer to the powder brow. For those of you that have always thought that the full coverage or powder brow was not for you, we have your answer! The 3D brow is created using 2 complimenting colors that are just right for your skin tone. Your other option is the hair stroke brow that uses one color. We carefully measure where your eyebrows are to begin and end and your proper arch location within those measurements we follow your natural eyebrow line and draw on your brows with an eyebrow pencil.  At this time, we give you a mirror and work with you to approve the shape that you want to see.  It is important to have your individualized shape so that your eyebrows fit your face.

Full Coverage Brows

Permanent Make Up