The three types of eyebrow services offered by Tyler Permanent Cosmetics are;

Hairstroke Brows

They are tiny individual hair like strokes placed in your natural brow line.  ​This technique takes the proper training and a lot of practice before being performed on women.  When done properly, the healed result is gorgeous and very natural in appearance.  

Aftercare and Maintenance  The after care during the healing process is just as important as the work performed in the office.  You will be given an aftercare sheet along with an ointment to use during the healing process and it is imperative that these instructions be followed.  In order the get the longest life from your permanent eyebrows, a moisturizer with sunscreen is a must.  The sun is one of the biggest reasons permanent cosmetics fade as they are exposed everyday. 

Microblade Brows

Mocroblade brows are much like the hairstroke brows in that they are tiny individual hair like strokes placed in your natural brow line, but a different tool is used, making a thinner line.  A color refresh is needed more often with this service because the line is so thing that we are not able to get as much color in each tiny stroke. 

Powder Brows

In this area, powder brows is the style that has been around the longest and, when healed, they look like they have been applied with an eyebrow pencil.  The color in these lasts longer than the other two services because more pigment can be deposited into the tissue.  Although they will eventually fade and need a color refresh as well. 

One common question we get is, "Why do you call it 'permanent'  a refresh will be needed? One answer I use more than any other is, "Because it does not wash off at night."  And the all of the pigment never goes away completely.  Kind of like when you choose permanent hair color over semi-permanent or demi hair color, it is all going to become dull and need a refresh.